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One of the Things I Can't Talk About became a thing I can talk about today. So!

I'm working on a novella for Candlemark and Gleam, one of four to included in the first of their (re)Visions line. From the announcement:

Each entry in the (re)Visions series will be based on a classic work. The anthology will republish that original story along with four novellas based on the original work, interpreted by modern authors. It’s a way to see how different writers tackle the same subject matter and source, and see how stories can be told and transformed and made fresh.

Each anthology will, of course, be available in DRM-free digital format, and we’re also planning to offer special hand-bound box sets of (re)Visions titles. That’s right, you’ll be able to get a boxed, hand-bound set of the novellas in the anthology, in actual paper format, right through Candlemark & Gleam.

The collection goes to press this autumn. There will, of course, be more information to come. For now, though, take heart in knowing that this is one of the reasons I'm putting off playing Dragon Age 2.

(We will ignore, for the moment, that I've started dipping into Fable III this week.)

But yes! It's a relief to be able to start spreading the word on this.


Links! Links down the sides of my face!

- Rep. Barney Frank holding off on formally introducing ENDA beacuse he wants more co-sponsors. US folks? Call your reps. Get them on this bandwagon, and make sure they support a version of the bill that protects gender identity/expression. That doesn't just give people like me a right to work. It protects anyone who is perceived by a supervisor as being too masculine or feminine from getting canned for it, regardless of their gender or sexuality. That's right. ENDA protects straight people who were born with gender-typical plumbing. Who knew?

- One of the best flowcharts I've ever seen: Explain The Internet to a 19th Century British Street Urchin.

- Gingrich fears 'atheist country ... dominated by radical Islamists' Wait, what?

- Historic homes already green. Do you think I could slap one of those roofs on an early 1970's brick thing? No reason...

- Sean Parker -- the Napster guy -- may be set to buy Warner Music Group. For those of you keeping score, that's Metallica's record label. Who wants pie?

- Almond milk is apparently a thing right now. I like milks other than those which come from cows (though I tend to drink local whole cow's milk, or at least organic whole). It sounds nice, and is apparently hella easy to make. I even think I know somewhere in town I can get raw almonds on the cheap. Hmm.

- Poll shows more Americans have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party. Curiously, though, the number who hold a favorable view remains reasonably steady. Interesting stuff. Plus, Nate Silver is dreamy.

- House Republicans want to cut WIC by 10%. Uh, guys? Starving the poor families is Not Okay. As a taxpayer, I am Really Okay with helping people not starve, just like I am happy when I pay my property taxes because I can see how much I contributed to local schools and libraries. Cut that shit out.

- The best tomato soup and chocolate cake recipes I've seen in a while. The profanity (and the fact that this person genuinely knows how to cook in a skilled, educated way) probably helps a lot.

- Oh hey. So that's where the ancient Egyptians left those EIGHT MILLION MUMMIFIED DOGS. Holy crap, that is a lot of mummies. It amazes me, sometimes, just how much stuff one can hide under the ground.

- An African American dancer writes about her hair in the context of her art, and the culture at large. I was more disheartened than surprised to hear that this is a thing which affects her work.

- Jim Hines, who is one of my favorite people I still have yet to meet in person, wrote a great guest blog post over at the Organization for Transformative Works.

And now, a glass of water. And then bed.

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