Jan. 24th, 2014

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chainToday has been interesting. Lots of writing, but the sort that takes a significant amount of revision as I go.

Which means all kinds of things didn't happen today. Or maybe that a lot of the thing I wanted to get done most got done, just in a slower way than was entirely convenient, and that my weekend now has meaning.

Oh, and I just finished binge reading the second and third books of the Divergent series. I need some kind of recovery program now. Or a new heart. And some tissues. And more books to read.

So. Links.

Why Getting A Job Doesn't Mean Getting Out Of Poverty
Income inequality and crappy jobs: why the recession feels like it's still happening for almost everyone.

Dad gets OfficeMax mail addressed 'Daughter Killed in Car Crash'
Third-party mailing lists: kind of evil.

Utah is ending homelessness by giving people homes
I'll be interested to see how this program develops. I mean, if solving the problem is cheaper than the problem...

Meryl Streep, National Treasure
Not actually the title of the video. Basically, Ellen gives Streep random readings, each to be read in a different character. Pure Internet candy.

Father photographs his 5-year old daughter in the clothing and settings of Renaissance Dutch, Flemish, and Italian masters
Exactly what it says, and just as awesome as you think.

World's first comet chaser wakes up suddenly from 31-month hibernation
Nerd happiness. Yes.

Non-alarmist commentary on the body mod ban
So the whole "OMG ARKANSAS BODY MOD BAN" thing goes around from time to time, but nobody seems to get past the point of freaking out. So here. Have some useful info from someone on the ground, who worked with legislators to make sure folks were well-informed.

Singer Gets a Major Photoshop Makeover in Music Video
Again, does what it says on the tin, but in a language I don't speak.

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